山岛设计(全称:Sando Design Studio)成立于青岛是一个以品牌形象和线上体验为核心的独立设计工作室。我们致力于以设计驱动品牌策略与定位以设计的视角洞察市场机会以设计的手段创造顾客体验。为客户和受众提供品牌创建、产品包装、视觉识别、数字设计、线上与线下等多元领域的创意策略服务,服务过索尼、真格基金、中美绿色基金、飞利浦等著名商业品牌,具备丰富的设计经验和国际化的设计视野。


Sando was founded in Qingdao and is an independent studio centered on brand image and online experience design. We are committed to design-driven brand strategy and positioning, insight into market opportunities from a design perspective, and creating customer experiences with design. Served in famous commercial brands such as Sony, Zhen Fund, US-China Green Fund, and Philips, with rich design Experience and international design vision.